tony shays headshotNew England native Anthony Shays is a prolific, award-winning photographer and artist. His works have appeared in galleries, magazines, and calendars, as well as in commercial businesses and private homes around the world.

Anthony is known for his eye, for capturing beauty everywhere, and for bringing ordinary images to life with his painting-like quality and use of vibrant colors. He is truly an artist with a camera and, indeed, his paintbrush is his camera. When people ask him, “What camera do you use?” he gets a big grin on his face, as he knows that it is not the camera but the “eye” that really makes the difference.

For the most part, Anthony does not label his photographs as to the exact location where the image was taken. He feels strongly that a fine art photograph, worthy of hanging on your wall, needs to “speak to you,” evoking positive emotions. Its color scheme, overall design and general theme also must be compatible with your personal tastes. When this happens, what difference does it really make as to the exact location where the image was taken?

While Anthony primarily produces fine art images, he still finds time to photograph weddings as well as portraiture of both people and pets. Anthony hopes that some of his photographs make a connection with you.